Sunday, November 6, 2011

Research, Research, Research ... (Did I Mention Research?)

I am sure there are full-time RV'ers who just jumped in their rig and took off toward the horizon, but I can't do that.  I need a plan. I need to have a clue as to what I may run into, or not.

I need to understand so I don't hit the road, run into a snafu and run back a home that may no longer exist.

Where am I today?

I live in  a small (1100 sq ft) apartment with my son, a dog and two cats.  Yes, I rent. No, I do not have any retirement nor am I independently wealthy.  I do not have money hiding away is some secret account.

So, anything I do has to somewhat planned out. I need to understand what I have to have in my arsenal when I pull out.  So I am scouring the internet.  I have a spreadsheet with 16 different websites, must have's for an RV, a list of things I enjoy, and places I want to see.  This list will continue to grow over time.  What I have learned in the past week of exploring is this:

there are a lot of things you need to know before you go out on your own.

I want to look at RV's.  I want to get into them, see what I can stand - sizewize - what I can't. Did you know that here in Central Texas, nothing is open on a Sunday? Crap. Having spent most of my life in either California or Alaska - I still get thrown for a loop here in the bible belt. So, I need to make plans to have time and go to an RV dealer on a saturday.  Sounds easy enough...but not so much with me.

Did you see "Up"?  You know the dog? Yep. That's me.  I can get sidetracked easier than most anyone.  My son can get so frustrated in a conversation that he will yell, "MOM. stop. focus." So, I have to focus...and make lists...and figure it all out.

Here's what I have so far on my "to do" list:
medical insurance
find and buy an RV
downsize completely
sell stuff
start a side business
establish homebase
buy a gun and get a permit
vehicle insurance
tow package
That is no where close to a list that is realistic in needs.  So I am asking people who stop by this blog for your help. If you have owned or still own an RV, I need to hear from you.

What do you feel are necessities and things you can live without?
What do you wish you had?
How big is your rig?
Do you tow a vehicle?
How much time do you spend in it?
Do you travel with animals?
What do you think (or know) your average costs are per month to include gas, lodging, insurance, food, utilities and extras?

I'm honestly most concerned with financing my adventure - so I am researching job options that I can do from the road.  Not something that requires me to "sell, sell, sell" but something that utilizes my talents.  This will be difficult.

So I'm waiting to hear from you.  Please? Help me out here and I will continue to write about my struggles, my triumphs and what ever else comes into play moving into a life as a full time RV-er.

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